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Company Bio: Who are we? Freeway Logistics a dynamic, young third-party logistics company who’s owner brings 20 years of logistics experience to this industry. Experience that translates into improved productivity and financial performance for the customer. What can we offer? Freeway Logistics Company specializes in customized deliveries and full service cross docking, distribution, transportation and warehousing. Freeway Logistics applies the technology that understands the demands of this business and provides the customer with information needed, so that it can concentrate on its core business. Cross Docking: Freeway has the expertise in unloading and receiving goods- shot gun loaded (mixed cargo). Goods are received then sorted by store, sku, customer, destination or put away as inventory for future distribution. This process is recorded in our wms system. Goods are ready, and prepared for delivery within a 24-hour time frame. Distribution: Our system enables us to pick orders efficiently and accurately while our trained employees handle all goods carefully and responsibly. Orders are then staged, and prepared for delivery either immediate or by appointment. Transportation:Our system allows goods to flow directly to where they are needed giving you the customer a hands-on feel, and control of the cargo. Freeway has the capability to move full containers and LTL cargo throughout the entire island of Puerto Rico. We can pick up full container loads from the port of San Juan, and deliver to any destination of your choice. All drivers are insured and uniformed. Warehousing- Inventory is registered in our wms system by cases, units per case, lot numbers, and product codes. Goods are identified in its location and placed in space designated for bulk storage or rack storage. We know exactly were all product is at all times. Inventory is kept secure. Technology- Freeway Logistics has the ability to create more than 50 different reports with t

Address: PMB 1731357 Ashford Ave
Suite 2
  San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907-1420  
  Puerto Rico  
Phone: (787) 795-2539  
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